Catalytic Converter Grading

At Federal Autocat Recycling, we buy catalytic converters of every size and shape used in both automobiles as well as industrial applications. And we pay significant returns for them. Our proprietary grading technology makes being a customer a more enriching experience for you when you consider doing business with us. We have pick-up options across the lower 48 states and welcome your inquiries.

How Does it Work?
  • 'Foil' automobile catalytic converters are classified and graded like all other catalysts. Our proprietary grading system defines three major categories, with unit prices for each category and size.
       1. Smaller and "pre" type units
       2. Smaller foreign units and large Chryslers
       3. Higher grade European and Japanese convertibles
  • Call one of our Purchasing Specialists. Pick-up and transportation will be arranged by us. We will even supply packaging materials, if necessary.
  • Once your converters reach our processing center, they are immediately counted and graded. Based on current market prices for platinum, palladium and rhodium, a purchase offer is calculated, and reported to you. If you approve, a check or wire is forwarded promptly. If you disapprove, your material is returned to you - at our expense.
Contact us to learn more about our catalytic converter grading process.

Catalytic Converter Grading
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