Go Green

Federal Autocat Recycling is a subsidiary of Metalico, Inc. (MEA on the American Stock Exchange), one of the country’s largest scrap recyclers, giving us the footing and foundation to help establish long term partnerships that are win-win scenarios for all parties involved. One of our green initiatives is aboveground mining.

When you partner with Federal you are contributing to our aboveground mining operation which reduces the need for drilling and strip mining to obtain platinum (and other precious metals) that we recover from your spent cats for re-use in new catalytic converters.

Normal Processing Operations

Platinum mining and production normally entails extreme difficulties. Extraction, concentration and refining of the metal require quite complex processes that may take up to six months. It is estimated that in order to produce a single ounce of platinum a volume of 7 to 12 tonnes of ore must be processed. Here's a graphic that shows this complex process:

Our Process

Our process is quite simple (and green):
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